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Frank Dee reviewed A Step Ahead Preschool — 5 star

February 13, 2018

I feel that a step ahead provided both of my children a great education and the foundation to love going to school. The activities were always well structured and helped the children develop the skills that they needed for kindergarten and beyond. The teachers were always loving and nurturing- and communicated with us on a regular basis. The extra activities that the school planned made my kids pre school experience that much better than programs that my friends kids were in. 
I highly recommend A step ahead if you are serious about ensuring that your child is fully prepared for elementary school and want a fully rounded pre-K experience.

Srividhya Govardhanen reviewed A Step Ahead Preschool — 5 star

March 15, 2017


My son went to A step ahead preschool a few years ago. He’s doing very well in his elementary school, thanks to Ms. Lynn. He made a few friends here with whom he still hangs out. Now my daughter is going here. She loves it here. Ms. Lynn taught her to read before she turned 4. She has a great time with the kids here and she loves the puzzles and other amazing games that Ms.Lynn has. She gets very inspired by Ms. Robin’s artwork. She always walks into the school looking forward to the activities for the day. Ms.Lynn and Ms.Robin are wonderful teachers. They give individual attention to each kid and work with them at their own pace. They talk about weather, current events and holidays from different cultures as well, which the kids appreciate growing up. If you are looking for a preschool then there’s no looking further, A Step Ahead Preschool it is!

Lauren Howard reviewed A Step Ahead Preschool — 5 star

June 7, 2016


I can not say enough about Miss Lynn and A Step Ahead. From the warm welcoming enviornment a.d Miss Lynn’s motherly ways to the individualised one on one academics this is by far the best preschool around. Her attention to each child is far beyond what any other school has to offer. A Step Ahead is not just my sons preschool it is the place where he begins his journey in life as his own little person and I wouldn’t have him begin that journey anywere else!

Lena Cazabat  recommends A Step Ahead Preschool.

February 14


My daughter attends and I can’t say enough good things about this school! she loves going and is learning so much! the teachers are amazing and caring! so happy with my decision to send her!

Erica Bernstein reviewed A Step Ahead Preschool — 5 star

January 22, 2018


My son attended summer camp program and luved it . I was impresssd to find a summer enrichment program incorporating the alphabet, shapes , counting, handwriting skills, games, yoga and really creative arts and crafts projects . There was always outside fun time in the sprinklers and playground . And I forgot to mention the outside property is huge and fenced in so the kids can run and play on grass . When I picked him up they were usually sitting outside on a bench enjoying a cold ice pop to end the day . I think Ms Lynn the teacher/ director is fabulous and we will def be going back this summer !! I’m so happy I found A Step Ahead and would definitely reccomend

Seongshik Oh reviewed A Step Ahead Preschool — 5 star

November 26, 2017


My son went to the Step Ahead Preschool in 2016-2017, and he greatly enjoyed the school life. He had never been to any other school or day care center before,and so we were a little concerned at the beginning, but he started liking going to the school from early on. Ms. Lynn and Ms. Robin’s enthusiasm toward caring and educating little kids at the right pace for each individual could be felt in every detail. I would strongly recommend this preschool to anyone.

Google Reviews: – 5 Star

Colleen Panico

Mar 10, 2015

I have two children currently enrolled at A Step Ahead. This is their second year there. The school is a perfect fit for our family. The class sizes are small so Ms. Lynn is able to give each child individualized attention. My son is already reading and my 3 year old is getting close! The kids love going to school each day!


Su Ami

Su Arni

Feb 6, 2015

My son, now first grader, went to Step Ahead Preschool Inc as a preschooler. Ms. Lynn and her team are fantastic! My son had the best time here. He loved the Show and Tell sessions every week. Ms.Lynn’s personal attention is key here. She has a structured set up where kids get to learn and play everyday. Thanks to the strong phonic and math foundation skills that he learnt here, he continues to be a top student in his class. The best part is Ms. Lynn works with parents and gives the right guidance and helps parents reinforce the concepts better at home. I cannot thank her enough for teaching my son to be positive, confident and outgoing.

Joe Cilea

Joe Cilea

Jan 17, 2015

All four of my kids attended A Step Ahead Preschool and loved going there. Mrs. Lynn and her teachers are fantastic. All of my kids have gone on to be excellent students and I credit her team for my kid’s interest in learning and their success in school. I pass by the school practically every day and I remember the days when my kids went there. We still stay in touch to this day and my kids have been out for over 3 years. Not many places will care about your kids like Mrs. Lynn’s team at A Step Ahead.



Anupama Rao

Anupama Rao

Jan 10, 2015

My daughter spent over 2 years with Ms Lynn, she matured a lot, under her guidance. She was a shy introverted child .she is now outgoing and a very good reader and loves jigsaw puzzles. I total credit the staff at step ahead. They brought out the very best in her both socially and academically.I highly recommend the school. They are also small and have a very personal touch that kids need as pre- schoolers.


Srividhya Govardhanen

Srividhya Govardhanen

Dec 11, 2014

When my son first joined A Step Ahead, he could speak a few words of English, under Ms.Lynn’s he has come a long way. The kids have a well structured wholesome day with a variety of creative activities. There is a strong emphasis on reading and my son has become a voracious reader. The staff under Ms.Lynn do a fantastic job of taking care of the children. We plan to enroll our second child in A Step Ahead soon.

Rishi and Priti Verma

Rishi and Priti Verma

Nov 2, 2014

Look no further than Ms. Lynn and A Step Ahead Preschool! We have sent two children there, and we have nothing but praise and confidence in Ms. Lynn and her teaching methods. Our children are always excited to go to school, and their learning experience is truly “A Step Ahead”. If you want the best preschool education for your children, this is the place, bar none! She not only works on their reading, writing and arithmetic, but the kids do so much arts and crafts and are still learning during these activities. Thank you Ms. Lynn for being truly awesome!!!


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